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To book an apartment you will have to pay a booking deposit. The booking deposits out of New Year and Carnival are between 25% and 35% depending on the apartment and the length of stay. Please be aware, that once we forward the booking deposit to the owner, there is no possibility of refund in case of cancellation . Please note that the rest of the rent is payable only in cash upon arrival for the entire period of stay.
Credit cards and travelers checks are not accepted upon arrival.

Please be aware that the travelers checks are exchanged at significantly lower rates than cash.

Change of dates:
Changes of check-in and check-out dates are possible depending on the availability of the apartments. Altering your itinerary into a shorter stay than originally booked without any penalty fee is possible only two weeks after the confirmation of the booking. Please be aware that the same policy applies in cases of missed or cancelled flights, visa issues or any other arrival delays. After you complete your payment, we will send you a booking confirmation. The confirmed check-in and check-out dates will be specified in the subject line. It is your responsibility to PLEASE CHECK those dates and let us know if they are not correct. The apartment will be booked for you and the rent will be due for the period indicated in the subject line of the confirmation email for your booking.

If you prefer, you may, of course, pay your total in advance by check in the U.S. or by credit card (add 5% fees). This way, you will not lose from currency exchange, need not carry lots of cash on you, and will be spared withdrawals of big amounts from an ATM. In case of cancellation 10 or more days before the beginning of your booked period, you will receive a 100% refund of the amount you paid on top of the booking deposit. The booking deposit will be lost. In case of cancellation and refund any fees for money transfer / credit card payment are paid by the client.

New Year/Carnival payments:

The booking deposits for New Year and Carnival are always 50% of the rent.
At New Year and Carnival times, the demand for apartments in Rio is very high. Many Brazilians let their apartments free for ten days in order to rent them to tourists who come for New Year or the Carnival. This explains why you need to commit to your reservation. Even though we understand that there are exceptional cases where you need to cancel, the heavy tourist traffic forces us to stick to a very strict cancellation policy.

Check-in and Check-out times:

We offer the most flexible check-in and check-out times to our clients. As long there is no other rental for the same day (of your arrival or departure day) you can check-in early in the morning or check-out late at night without any additional fee.

In case of other rentals on your arrival or departure date, we use the common policy of the hotels:

check-in starting from 14.30
check-out before 12.00 noon

Please be aware, that RioHolidays and the owners of the apartments we offer are not responsible for any kind of construction in the building you might be staying. Discounts can be granted only for not resolved issues in the rented property, not the building.

General rules

If you get into trouble with the police involving illegal drugs or minors or anything else what is illegal in Brazil, we will not be able to assist you in any way – the owner of the apartment and our agency have no responsibilities to help you in such a case. Be aware that the penalties are quite radical for foreigners involved with crimes such as drugs and sexual exploatation of minors.

Any type of photographic, video, TV or movie production is strictly prohibited whether for commercial purposes or not.

All apartments require a damage deposit of US $ 200 - US $ 1000 depending on the apartment. This deposit is payable only cash and will be refunded at check-out as long as there are no damages in the apartment.
Please be aware that the maximal occupancy per bedroom is 1 couple or 1 single man in most of the apartments. The most of the owners don´t rent to more than one single man per bedroom, because they are afraid of big parties and "female visitors", which would double the occupancy of the apartment.
As long as everything is kept on an appropriate level, regarding noise at night, clothing etc. there will be no problems with your visits. Big parties disturbing the neighbors at night or very “challenging dressed” women going up and down in the building will be a problem in every apartment you can find on our website.
Please be aware that you are responsible for all guests you might have in the apartment and their behaviour.
If the building manager gets complains about you or your guests, you may be subject to a fine of between R$ 900 and R$ 5.000 for each complain. In case of ilegal acts or no result of the fine/warning the police will get involved and you will have to leave the apartment without any refund of the rent.